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There are questions for which the answers are so multifaceted and even contradictory that it is virtually impossible to come to a single correct opinion. In this case, it is necessary to sift through a lot of information, sifting grains of truth from a lot of dirty lentils. It is the way one can artistically describe a situation concerning so popular worldwide tea variety as Puer. More specifically, it is about the amount of tea drunk per day which in no way harms the body. Some people argue that more than two cups is already too much. Others, in contrast to the first, argue from personal experience that the safe amount is almost unlimited. To find out how much Puerh tea you can drink per day we need to take a closer look at the obvious facts. First of all it concerns its composition and its complex influence on our body.

Puer is a tea which fundamentally differs from its counterparts in that it is allowed to be consumed even by those who suffer from ulcer or duodenal diseases. This leads us to the conclusion that its effect on the stomach and other digestive organs is extremely mild. This is the first undoubted advantage of this variety, claiming that it is really safe to drink.

The second thing to look at is the effect on the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Here everything is not so unambiguous, because the infusion still contains caffeine. The practice of many tea gourmets nevertheless states that its effect is, again, extremely mild and moderate. It turns out that according to this criterion, everything depends directly on the state of health of the individual. For a person with a strong psyche the amount of puerh drunk won't be decisive, but for a person who has a bad nerves it is better to limit it to several cups a day.

Everyone knows that green puerh has proven to be a great natural fat burner. This is why it is recommended to drink this tincture if you play a lot of sports for the purpose of losing weight. In this case, the infusion can be regarded as a drug and should be used only within the limits of reason, without excessive fanaticism. At the same time, it is desirable to replenish energy reserves to avoid exhaustion.

In France in the 90s the studies showed that regular consumption of puerh helps to purify the intestines. At the same time, the low rate of cancer among the Chinese is also indirectly tied to their regular consumption of this infusion. Unfortunately, serious scientific research has not yet yielded more concrete results, but the premise is that Puer is practically the only kind of tea that is completely safe regardless of the amount consumed daily.

If we take all those facts together we will come to an interesting conclusion - we can drink almost unlimited amounts of puerh tea daily and the only limitation is that we might just get bored of its taste. Despite such bright prospects, it is still better to consume it without fanaticism, because any safe thing in excessive amounts, if not harmful, its benefits will be many times less.

Finally, it is worth noting that for the safe consumption of such tea it is extremely important to know how to prepare it correctly. There is a lot of information on how to prepare it and it is worth listening to. This is due to the fact that only when brewed correctly, the infusion will give the maximum amount of benefits. If you make it too strong, the load on the nervous system can be too high and the tonic effect can only worsen feelings. Less is better but more often - here is the perfect recipe for how much puerh tea to drink per day! Look Our Blog!

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